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RADIOACTIVE ORCHESTRA is an artistic, musical and pedagogical project about creating music using radioactive isotopes. In collaboration with nuclear physicists, we created musical algorithms based on the scientists' models och how radiation is emitted from various isotopes. Music produces Axel Boman created songs based on melodies and sounds from this software. 

The musical and artistic ambitions are about exploring a world that is not available to our senses and finding musically interesting patterns and to render them in a way that both resonates with popular culture while staying close to the subject matter.

The pedagogical aspect aims to inspire young people to learn about the natural sciences by making one of its most hidden phenomenas available in a new way, exposing complexity and beauty in the strange world of the atomic nuclei - using music.

The instruments capable of producing this musix in a live setting include a sequencer simulating the decay of a single atom, as well a sophisticated scientific performance instrument measuring highly detailed radiation data gtom actual sources - both background ratiation (i.e. cosmic + bedrock radiation) and our (safe) samples of uranium, americium, thorium and caesium.

Listen to the first EP Radioactive Orchestra featuring Axel Boman on Soundcloud, Spotify or iTunes.




Observatory for Gamma Radiation

Site-specific installation in the shape of an observatory for natural background radiation at Gagnef 2013. The sounds were directly converted from gamma photons hitting our detector accompanied by CRT monitors that was converted into analog oscilloscopes hanging in the trees.