Quirkbot is a microcontroller toy that anyone can program. It's part of the open construction toy Strawbees and uses cheap available materials like regular drinking straws, LEDs and hobby servos to create a wide variety of hackable toys. 

You can program the Quirkbot directly from our website. Just drag and drop, make a connection and press upload. Any child (or grown-up) can do it. Let your creations express themselves and interact with their environment through sound, light and motion. Stand alone or connected to computers, tablets or musical instruments. The more you learn the more deeply you can dive into the endless options of physical programming.

Since the 12th of march 2014 we have frenetically been prototyping the Quirkbot and using these early prototypes at Kids Hack Day events in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Moscow and Valencia. We are now finally ready for production after 13 prototyping iterations including redesign of the circuit, changing the shape of the PCB to give it more creature like features, as well as coming up with new functionalities, adding backpacks and creating a protective sheet for our custom-designed LiPo battery that is powering the Quirkbot.