What musical possibilities hides within an object with the shape of a cube?

We’ve taken this simple simple idea with the intention of pushing it to it’s limits. Doki Doki is a Japanese ideophonic word meaning excitement, or heart beat. It is also the name of our first musical controller – a unique rhythm instrument combining properties of traditional hand drums and modern technology.

Doki Doki is a highly tactile wooden digital hand-drum with five active surfaces and a built-in accelerometer. It offers a very open and experimental way of producing and performing music.

Usage and Functionality



The main function of the Doki Doki is similar to a hand drum. All five wooden sides of the Doki Doki react to tapping, triggering sounds, loops and synthesizers etc. You have full control of what should be triggered, and then how to move the piece around to apply effects to the sound.



Shake the Doki Doki to intuitively trigger delay effects and echoes. Hear your sounds virtually bounce inside the cube!



Rotate 360° to modify filters and effects of your choice. Presets are pitch bend and cutoff effects. It recognizes the threedimentional location of each side, as well as the speed and type of motion they are moved in.

Prototype testing by kids

In search for simplicity we were thrilled to see how a lovely little creative child used the Doki Doki. An important goal is to make the Doki Doki as intuitive that a kid would instantly understand how to use it and manipulate sounds.

Development & progress

The Doki Doki project envision Ideofon’s agenda of collaboration over widely range of interests with the common nominator of creative curiosity. Among our beta testers are producers, artists, DJs, classically trained musicians, drummers, physical rehabilitation experts, interaction designers, computer geeks, kids, designers…

Why should musical controllers limited to plastic knobs, small finger pads and standard MIDI-keyboards? We want to go beyond these standards and aim for a tactile and interesting musical interface using materials we love to touch and use.

Flexibility and freedom are two important keywords in this project. We want to provide a platform living up to these keywords, and let it’s users explore the possibilities. Both hardware and software are based on open source technology and philosophy. Musicians will be able to either use and tinker with the free software, or use it as a MIDI controller device.

We are manufacturing all pieces ourselves – soldering the PCB, wood crafts, aluminum cutting – in our workshops in Sweden. The Doki Doki will not be a mass-produced tool – it will be a handmade piece of art made with true care, intended for creativity and experimentation.